I’ve only seen Ilocos in internet–before. How it was majestically formed by God and how it can really captivate and catch your breath. I had the chance to visit the beautiful place (thanks to my boyfriend). Lucky us we don’t have to pay for travel agencies to tour us around. I believe that, there are so much to see if you are not in a tour. I would like to see the place ourselves without the hassle; just carefree traveling.

Upon arrival in Bangui, we did not expect that they are celebrating their Tinuno Festival. Tinuno means “inihaw/grilled.” I didn’t know that they also have food and table setting competition during the festival. Ilocanos are known for their good delicacies and I am so blessed to taste some of them! 4That’s my boyfriend’s papa! He’s a retired chef btw 🙂



Honey-glazed Pork Spareribs! I guarantee you, it’s really delicious!


These are the food decorations Tito made for the table setting competition.

(I wish I know how to make even one of these!) 9

I promised myself before that if I had the chance to capture Ilocos windmills, it would be really different than the pictures I see in the internet–and here it is! 101113

I didn’t know they have small nipa huts just beside the windmills. It was hard to get there though because we went to baybay past 9 am and the sand is really burning hot! We could barely walk our way there. It’s like walking on the dessert under scorching heat of the sun!

It was a nice experience though 🙂


Have you wondered how does it feel like to look at the see without the mountains behind it?

Do you want to prove that the earth is round?

Go here and you’ll find out 😛


Later that afternoon, my boyfriend’s family decided to tour us to Saud and the famous Patapat bridge.


I don’t have to see Boracay to step on white sand beaches! In Ilocos they are also famous for having white sand and blueish beaches–perfect for summer getaways or surfing!171819

..and here is Patapat bridge, one of the most wonderful projects of President Marcos during his time. I will let the pictures do the talking. I swear it really left me speechless. If were given the chance, I want to go here again.

PS: It’s nearly 6 pm when these pictures was taken. 🙂


Here is the entrance to Cagayan from Pagudpud. Freaky huh?2324

The Bagong Lipunan Lodge were left unfinished after Marcos’ presidency. Just Google for its’ history 🙂


Perfect background for photoshoot! 🙂


Majestic, isn’t it? 🙂


Happy to be in the north most part of the Philippines!2728

Vandalism is everywhere. Tsk2. This is the end of our journey. We only have few days to maximize our stay and we were not able to go to other tourist spot in Ilocos Norte. But we’re planning to go there again and have the opportunity to see it all!

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Be awesome!

God bless 🙂


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