To anyone who considers herself as aย hopeless and plain canvass, this book is a perfect fit to any girl who seeks to improve herself. From confidence to relationships, these two girls not only got what it takes to be the “it” girls of our generation; they also have the courage to stand on their grounds and be proud to tell everyone that once in their lives, they also experienced insecurity in different levels.

what is it about-

This book is all about ladies and different process to womanhood. It is also a journal on how to improve yourself in different ways imaginable. I’ve seen countless of YouTube vidoes (no pun intended for the best beauty bloggers out there) but this book has exceeded them all. Why? Because they teach the readers how-to-do’s in the right way. I believe you’ve tried several–if not few–beauty and fashion tips. But have you noticed that there are several opinions and recommendations out there in the cyberspace aboutย how can we categorize the opinions suitable to ourselves? Get this book if you want to be illuminated about beauty and fashion. Georgina also discussed how to be a wise spender. I don’t want to give away all what’s in the book so you should have it. ๐Ÿ™‚

At first, I was uncertain if I should buy this book. Very uncertain. I askedย myself “What can I get with 195 pesos that I cannot have with streaming YouTube videos?”. You cannot figure out unless you tested the waters right? So I bought myself a copy, read through the pages and realized this book kind of helps you what tips you should choose and what to avoid. These two ladies proved that beauty and fashion is not a rocket science. Face your fears and be bold.


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Lastly, I’ve also proven to myself that event the most gorgeous ladies that we can think of are also experiencing the same dilemmas ladiesย have–insecurities and bullying. I thank Georgina and Solenn for fearlessly telling people through this book that do not believe everything that you see in magazines. Images seem perfect, but do not forget that they have also undergone Photoshop plastic surgery to make the images sharp and perfect. Know how they did it? Read the book for yourself.


..ladies who seek and build confidence in their lives. ๐Ÿ™‚


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