I always wanted to be everything else in this world–a pianist, novelist, violinist, opera singer or a scholar to some extent. However, I don’t know what plan should I pursue, or do I really have to make them in the first place?

Isn’t it wonderful to have everything planned out and present in front of you? To have things enumerated as to-do-tasks rather than guessing a bunch of mysteries you yourself never knew existed. However, with all of these plans, if God does not allow it to happen it will just lead you to a disaster—you will be a disaster.

A quiet time with God lets you hear His voice amidst the noise and chaos in your life. When you give Him your time, you will surely unravel what you should do in your life. Trust Him when He says “do this for the sake of My kingdom. For surely your efforts will not go into waste.”

The question is, do we have enough faith to hear Him and live His word?


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