princessmaryamwhat is it about-

Princess Maryam is about friendship of two young girls going over boundaries made by human laws and religion. This book has portrayed the picture of what is it like to see the cruel world throug child’s eyes. It will remind you how to be innocent at heart and how it can bring out the best out of someone’s sorrowful heart. It also give emphasis on the importance of our relationship with our Creator regardless of one’s religion.

theme used

A good combination friendship, spirituality, religion and family.


To people who are young at heart, wants a good, light-read (after a heavy feeling dramatic book) and appreciate a world once filled with rainbows and butterflies. Even though the protagonists’ maturity is comparable to a 9 and 8 year old young girls, this book is for everyone to enjoy and love.

stop reading

If you haven’t read the book, I suggest you stop reading from this section. Book reviews always contain spoilers right? 🙂

my review

After reading MacArthur by Bob Ong , I felt that I need a very light and happy read; although the introduction of the book unraveled the general conflict of each character have with themselves and everyone around them. The conflict intrigued me in such a way that it will tickle your imagination and you will try to figure out what does it have to do with the storyline. I have to say I have to adopt with the writing style of the author because it is in a form of screenplay–unlike what we usually see in novels and short stories. However, I can say that this book made me play a “mini movie” in my mind while reading the lines and I can also imagine the character’s voices. Very unconventional, but very effective.

The main characters in this story are Princess and Maryam (honestly I thought they are just one character because of the book cover) and you can see that the elements of Catholicism and Islam is integrated because it has something to do with the characters’ religion. Princess is a 9 year old Catholic young girl and Maryam is 8 year old young Muslim. They became friends regardless of their religion and they even tried to immerse themselves with each other’s belief with ways unimaginable. The story started with the death of Princess’ mother (Grace) and how it messed up Princess and her father’s lives. You can feel their grief over Grace passing and you can understand why it made them question the goodness of God–especially Princess because it made her give up her praying habits her mother instilled upon her. Personally, I think it reflects the spiritual lives of every believer today. Circumstances make us question God’s intention and plans in our lives. On the path of their recovery stage, Princess met Maryam. Maryam taught Princess about Islam up to the point where Princess almost turned her back from Catholicism. But eventually, they found their way to improving and strengthening their relationship with God.

On the side of the author, I praise him for the bravery he put in his work. He can make the readers go into the adventure Princess and Maryam is part taking thus making a distinguishable similarity between Catholicism and Islam (most people miss out or trying to ignore). Even though the book may seem to be intended for  a very young audience, it can touch even the hearts of anyone at any age. I believe the most important aspect he was able to illustrate in this book is the importance of the relationship that we have with our Creator regardless of one’s religion and principles you are living out. That whatever happens or circumstance that you are in, it is the faith that you have that will save you. It is amazing how a child can be so careless about the technicalities of the laws religions bind us with and will still be able to figure out what God always teach us–to love one another like we love ourselves. 

Eric Cabahug, thank you for the courageous pursuit you started with this book. I look forward to more books of this kind. 🙂

And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever takes the lowly position of this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.

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Read it, own it and be the judge!



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