Fantasies kept on tricking my reality. Believing things I should not; Seeing things I cannot figure out; And having things I don’t care about. —- I chase all the things that amuse me. Out of my fragile mind I make, all the things I want everything to be. Not thinking of the consequences might face me.  —- Decisions, always fail but never left me. In my heart I know it’ll always be free; to see things as they ought to be, from what we perceived as absolute reality. —- Love does fleet, but can be anchored; felt but never forgotten, seen but never cease to exist, Truly a fantasy that can be a reality. —- Decision magnifies love, strengthens its foundations, that can still prove it’s existence without altering reality.  —- If one wants to be truly loved, Let go of scattered dreams Be bold to face the challenges Interpreted as one of the absolute realities.  —- One cannot say “he can love forever” Because we will all return to dirt. But one can say “this is what love should be, A faith full of promises mixed with expectation and reality.”


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