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I always wonder how people manage to read a lot of stuff in same progressions. Like for example, they hop on one book to another without actually finishing the previous one. If it gives unique reading experience to you readers be my guest, but I believe it should not be “always” the case. Bad reading habit cannot bring the best out of your reading life and it may trouble you on so different levels.

We interpret books base on our own principles and life experiences said Lois Lowry (the author of the Giver quartet series) and I cannot agree more. Books can tell what personality and taste we have in literary genres and we do not choose our books, they choose us. Our interpretations is as important as reading because this is what gives color to words. Rainbows to unicorns.

But what does it have to do with reading so much stuff at the same time?

We cannot get the best out of the book we are reading if we are clouded and saturated with a lot of ideas, imaginations and meanings of other authors in other books. Keep in mind that words can greatly influence a person thus we should be careful in choosing what to read. Reading experience is as great as what it can and should be if we stop reading numerous books all at the same time, skipping from one novel to another can be tiresome. You know what I mean? Reading can be a really great experience, but I believe we should just eat what we can chew; think about the book for some time and then you can go to your next read.

Well it’s just me. But think about it 🙂


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