Can’t find the mood to read books or anything else? Find out why we should overcome procrastination.

It is one thing to be all organized– everyday goals are set to meet your monthly goals crucial to the fulfillment of your yearly goals. It is also another thing to totally slack off and just drop everything you are doing because you are not in the mood. Procrastination is a mental state everyone has—even the hardworking and industrious people. The question is how you can get yourself to hate procrastination or maintain your focus even if your mind tells you otherwise.

Procrastination is a shortcut for failure; it is relative to lack of discipline and irresponsibility of a person. It can also reflect the person’s attitude towards his/her goals in life. If it seems the effects of procrastinating is very evident and convincing enough not to do it, why do most people still do it? It is a matter of why and how people procrastinate. The problem can be easier to understand if you look at it in two ways: first, if the person is lack of rest and second, if he did not set his planned his day very well. The body is designed to rest after work—even the mind needs to pause in regular intervals. Even if the body is resting, the mind can be still at work. Procrastination is mind’s defense mechanism to stress. If you find yourself procrastinating, check if you have been stressing yourself for quite some time. Have some me time to recharge yourself. In addition to this, lack of planning can be also a crucial factor to procrastination. Apparently, most of people today do not have their daily goals in hand every day. They do not see the effect of putting off their daily tasks and the delays it can cause the person—this is all because of lack of planning. Remember, later is not always better; do what you can do today.

With this in mind, how can we fight this mentality? There are two options: enough rest and plan your daily tasks. Sure these two solutions can be easily drawn out from the factors that cause procrastination. However, it is not easy. You need self-discipline and powerful focus to make these happen.  You can read some self-help books on how to make empower your focus to get more things done.

Everyday objectives can help you in getting better with your goals—life goals in particular. Little by little, it will guide you through the process and it is much doable compared to piling and cramming things up. Furthermore, it saves you time and you can still do any other things. Being productive is satisfying and it can get you faster to self-appreciation.  However, self-discipline is the key success factor in following your plan. Distractions can be anywhere near you—it can be in form of Facebook, Twitter, mobile phones and many other things. You tend to procrastinate because your mind tells you to focus while the little child in yourself wants to indulge and have fun. Remember, focus is doing things one at a time. You can never be at ease if you help yourself procrastinate through lack of discipline.

Lastly, rest can help you be more productive. Take short breaks in work or studying. Every 25 minutes is recommendable. This is designed to help the mind breath and recharge itself while regaining its strength and creativity. You know that you are overwhelmed with stress if your thoughts start to wander and you find yourself checking Facebook—chunking a big portion of your time you supposed to be spending on something more worthwhile. Do not be too harsh on yourself, let yourself have mini me time in between breaks. However, do not indulge yourself to much; do this in moderation.

This is not an option for everyone–rather it should be a practiced attitude. Stop procrastination! Be the productive person you always want to be. It may not be easy at first and you will fail at some times but it is okay. The important thing is you always get back on your feet to make out the most of your days.


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