I know I promised months ago that I will go through the Mortal Instrument Series and write separate reviews for each of the books but.. but.. but.. I don’t see myself doing it anymore. Maybe in the future but now now. I kinda get tired of the whole TMI idea and it will get some getting-used-to again when I read the series. ┬áIt’s too much for me to hold since there will be a series for the TMI series and I know there will be series of reviews popping up. I love TMI. But this is not the right time.

But I decided to read the Harry Potter series as soon as I listened to Harry Potter: The Chamber of Secrets audio book. It’s something that I can read simultaneously and consistently. I know it has been decades since J.K. Rowling wrote the books but it is always the book that you want to go back to and I believe that people will always love it. Certainly.



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