I will be straightforward. Rating books–I believe–actually kills it.


First, giving book ratings can be subjective all the time. A book can be judged good or bad depending on the person reading it. Face it, all books are not applicable to general audience. For example, a teenager will not appreciate adult books as much as adults will have a hard time reading a young-adult novel. Understanding a literary piece depends on the maturity level of the reader. See? Very relative. This is to say that a book is written for a specific audience with almost similar reading interests. One does not simply read any book that he/she was enticed to read then rate it how that person perceived it–wrong. Giving book ratings will not unravel the mystery behind the literary piece. Do not kill ideas, do not kill the authors’ works.

I for example find some young adult books very interesting or annoying, but for others, a specific YA novel that I don’t like can be appealing to them. Surprising? Yes. Accept it.

I only want to make recommendations to what specific reader audience will a book be appropriate. In addition, my book reviews seek to understand what’s in the author’s mind while he/she writes the novel/short story/poem and how it is related to real life. I believe, literary works are meant to discover something mysterious–not only about the author or the context used–it can split your heart open, revealing YOU.

However, there are books that do not leave me. In other words, I have my favorites. But there’s only a handful of them.

Cheers and I hope you understand! 🙂


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