I overheard the news one night, about teenagers suffering from depression. “Pain is every where, can be anywhere, isn’t it? We’re just too naive to notice” I thought myself. Some may say, “They’re just too young to be thinking those things. Maybe they’re just overreacting.” Sure, some can over-react, but most can not. You can’t overreact pain because pain itself is already overwhelming. No effort needed.

When someone told you, “hey, I’m in deep pain, I need help.”

Will you shrug off and say, “Nah, I don’t think you need help. I don’t even think you’re in pain.”

Stop right there.

You’re already killing the person, lest pushing them further in their deep sea of unimaginable emotional agony.

Sadness or any emotional turmoil is one person’s way of responding to the world-a world that is full of broken relationships, broken promises, and broken values. People’s hearts are wired in such a way that they will desire love, one way or another. It is inevitable. When that need is not met, pain sets in, sadness surfaces, and anxiety overrules.

Majority asks the why’s of their sadness. They kept on searching for answers, like a big red X on a treasure map without broken lines that will lead you to your desired destination. Searching for the why’s of your pain is a never-ending chase of self-fulfillment. You’ll eventually fail. There’s good news though, YOU DON’T HAVE TO KNOW WHY.

When you search love in the right place, it can fill you up. Like a dam overflowing because of too much rainfall. You can imagine rainfall as a season of sadness, and you can imagine water dam as your heart. It will fill up with hurt, and will eventually burst out. But do not fret, you can always do one thing, and that is..

Look above.

and ask help,

from above.

Your creator can see through your pain. He always does and He always will. No words can explain how much He knows what you are going through. He sees through and that’s an assurance that our hearts will be eventually filled with love.

You might not see it now, but someday you will.

Just don’t give up on your life just yet.

I saw through pain, just now. It is a hard journey to seeing things through but I got there. Hard, but I got there. Insurmountable foolish thoughts tried to overcome me, but I looked above. There I saw, a hand stretched out to me.

and said,

Here I am son. Do not fear. For I have the love that forgives, redeems, and restores your soul.




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