*this is not going to be a regular blog, but I just want to get feedback about depression as much as I can.

Lately, I have seen that the famous book “13 Reasons Why” will be made as a Netflix series. I’m a little skeptical about it to be totally honest.

Though, I have this life long commitment to understand people suffering from depression and help them one day. So, I decided to read the book, one chapter at a time and make a contextual analysis about it.

Then, go straight to watching the series.

This is not going to be easy as I will subjecting my mind to this content but I got to do it to understand people that needs healing from depression. I may not be able to give them help (I’m on my way to pursuing my MD degree), but understanding them can be one big step to getting there.

Being in denial that this situation exist does not help, because they are a group of outliers, thinking they don’t value. But they are, they are as valuable as we are. And like us, they should get the love that they deserve too.

So, what do you think?

Please leave your comments below.



3 thoughts on “Understanding is Caring-Being in the Shoes of a Depressed Mind

    1. Yes I believe so. But I guess we all suffer the same fate, it’s just that we don’t have the same choices as they do have because we have different struggles. Though, we can be a light to them right? 🙂

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