One can have religion, but can never have Jesus. I am blessed to have Jesus. For all the years of struggle I’ve been through, I learned to lean on Him. Though I must admit, He never failed to astonish me with His grace and power to provide. He never left me, indeed He never did.

This lenten season, I urge every believer to reflect the cost Jesus has to give in order to save us from the eternal death, the death our sins will eventually turn into.

Beyond the sayings, the preaching, and the gospel itself, I was able to experience Jesus first hand like how the apostles experienced Him. I admit, it was never easy. Leaning on the Holy Spirit’s guidance all time includes time of exhaustion, unfaithfulness, doubt, and questioning God’s goodness. But faith never comes into reality if we are not able to step out of our fleshly doubts and desires right?

If somebody were to ask me, “why do you think Jesus saves?”. I will answer “because He gave me life, though I am a sinner, He showed Himself to me even more. I am a human in need of a Savior.” He is not just true in the bible, He is very true in my life too. He is not just present in places of worship, He is always present in my heart. Every place becomes a place of worship if Jesus is in your heart. He unravels Himself to me every time of my waking life, whether I notice it or not.

Seeing through the traditions, this lenten season reminds me of why Jesus took the cross to the Calvary. It reminds me of the fact that before I came into being, He thought of me. Before I came into existence, He loved me. And before I do all the mistakes and sinful things I will do in my entire existence, He made sure that His blood will wipe my sins as white as snow. I don’t have to please Him, because He already loved me for who I am.

Despite of all the struggles in life, I am happy. Because everyday I knew, I am one step closer to going home, to finally seeing Jesus.

Not did I wrote this because it is timely, it is because Jesus exists and lives, forever.


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