“It’s hard! I don’t even know why I should be at this stage of my life right now. Can I really be independent on my own?” I hear other ladies say this, and you might hear some from your own set of friends. I know, I’ve been there. It’s hard. I propose to you the best way on how to be single!

However, after a series of failed relationships. I figured out, hey, I can be happy on my own.

How To Be Single?

how to be singleIt all starts with a dedication to not depend your happiness on other person’s being. Savor time that you have to establish yourself. See, in relationships, you will be obligated to give your time, effort, energy, emotions, to take care of the other half’s relationship needs. You need to be whole for you to do that. Or else you will get into big trouble.

Big Dot of Happiness

Some might think a relationship is a perfect source of realizing your worth as a person, specifically as a woman. But you got it all wrong. When you started thinking that way, happiness will just be a big idealism to you. You have to get out of that thinking. You are creating that big dot of happiness that will eventually stop you from being genuinely happy. You need to start thinking about being happy on your own right now.

Happiness That Comes From Within

how to be singleWhen I say on your own, I didn’t mean to say that you have to look inside to be happy. If you decided that you want to be single, independent woman, the first thing that you need to stop doing is looking inside, and start looking up to God for happiness. This is easier said than done, but I want you to give an encouraging verse:

Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart. (Psalms 37:4)

This is God’s word with a promise. If we started to align our hearts with what God wants for us, He will surely grant us the desires of our heart.

Secret of Happiness

how to be singleFor final thoughts, the secret to everlasting happiness is not found in human relationships, not found in inner happiness, rather it is found by focusing on God’s love and His grace. Many women of our generation today chose to focus on our creator rather than what will make them happy outside of God’s love. God wired our hearts in such a way that it will find happiness, and our hearts are meant to find happiness in our Creator alone.

You have to be moxie about it! God’s love is as good as delicious and edible food! INDULGE IN GOD’S LOVE TODAY!


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