“For faith without good works is dead.”

In our everyday lives, it is easy to see the things that we want to see, mind the things that we want to accomplish, and do great works that we believe we will greatly benefit someday. But one of the hardest things is showing our faith every day. We say religion is not as important as having a relationship w/ God. How do we prove this as we go on our daily lives especially to our family who are with us every day?

It is when…

  • Choosing to extend patience rather than be angry at someone in your family
  • Choosing to be an encouragement rather than a disappointment to your parents
  • Extending love to a family member by hearing them out rather than insisting on your argument
  • Doing extra chores in your home rather than being out with friends
  • Buying your parents something that will make them happy instead of buying stuff for yourself. If you will choose between their happiness over your own, always place theirs on top of your priority.
  • Honoring your parents even if you have opposing belief compare to theirs
  • Choosing to be a provider rather than being a beneficiary to your family’s resources
  • Extending hours of studying knowing that good grades will bring comfort to your parents’ tired heart
  •  Prioritizing your family’s happiness rather than your own
  • Choosing to see the good in your parents-knowing that they always mean well
  • Honoring your parents through actions. Small things matter, like bringing your mother something after enjoying your weekend w/ friends. YES, actions speak louder than words.
  • and always include them in your prayers no matter how impossible the situation it may be.

You don’t have to be an expert about the scripture. Just show them that you love Jesus by loving them more than you usually do. 🙂

For you can best show your faith through actions.


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