#BookReview4: ABNKKBSNPLAko by Bob Ong

ABNKKBSNPLAKo is primarily about Bob Ong's experience while he was a student until he graduated college and his life experiences as an average student who continually dreams despite of what he considers epic failures of his life.


#BookReview5: Princess Maryam by Eric Cabahug

Princess Maryam is about friendship of two young girls going over boundaries made by human laws and religion. This book has portrayed the picture of what is it like to see the cruel world throug child's eyes. It will remind you how to be innocent at heart and how it can bring out the best out of someone's sorrowful heart. It also give emphasis on the importance of our relationship with our Creator regardless of one's religion.

#BookReview1: Si by Bob Ong

Si by Bob Ong is a love story about two people who are continuously falling in love through different ways at all times of their lives. Even if they’re old, they do not forget the love they have for each other. They remained the same throughout their living years despite of the life’s challenges faced them. This book has proved the possibility of an everlasting love started by love at first sight.