Pouring Grace

Back in the good old days, I always ask my dad to tell me a story about Peter Pan. I really wasn’t aware of the reason why I loved him so much, till I grew up. I thought we can all surpass life’s challenges and trials just by being a child at heart. Like a … Continue reading Pouring Grace


A Promise to be Kept…

It's been almost a year since I posted something here on my blog. Honestly, it wasn't because I don't have the time, I just didn't have the courage to do it. I guess this journey wouldn't be worth it if everything will feel just like a breeze-easy, yet not fulfilling. Anyhow, I will be posting … Continue reading A Promise to be Kept…

how to be single

Reflections #2: On Praying Big Prayers to the Big God

It's really funny how my body works when I'm on a high wave of stress, pressure, deadlines, exams. It automatically shuts off itself and tells me: "Hey MITCHELLE, rest muna, pwede? (Hey Mitchelle, take a break okay?)" Now, I am on one of those situations now and as I was typing this blog, I watch … Continue reading Reflections #2: On Praying Big Prayers to the Big God