Even It’s Hard, Speak Up

Remember the last time you tried to open-up, yet you feel rejected by the friends you trust the most? You hear the words, "C'mon dude, it can't be that bad" or "hey, I guess you're just having a bad day, it shall pass." Rejections, rejections, does this world ever run out of rejections? The bad … Continue reading Even It’s Hard, Speak Up

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Reflections #2: On Praying Big Prayers to the Big God

It's really funny how my body works when I'm on a high wave of stress, pressure, deadlines, exams. It automatically shuts off itself and tells me: "Hey MITCHELLE, rest muna, pwede? (Hey Mitchelle, take a break okay?)" Now, I am on one of those situations now and as I was typing this blog, I watch … Continue reading Reflections #2: On Praying Big Prayers to the Big God

Reflections #1: Seeing Through Pain

I overheard the news one night, about teenagers suffering from depression. "Pain is every where, can be anywhere, isn't it? We're just too naive to notice" I thought myself. Some may say, "They're just too young to be thinking those things. Maybe they're just overreacting." Sure, some can over-react, but most can not. You can't overreact … Continue reading Reflections #1: Seeing Through Pain